Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bathing in orange juice Day 7 of 7

Wow, what an incredible challenge! I'm about 2 hours shy of completing my 7th day of 7 on the Hunger Challenge, should I order a pizza? Juuuust kidding, well, sort of. I told myself that I won't be one of those Hunger Challengers that counts down the final hours. But guess what, I am feeling more blessed than ever for what I have.

If you are still reading, thanks for listening to my highs and lows all week. The rants. The raves.

I've learned a lot and will never think of poverty and hunger the same. I had a captive audience at my hair salon tonight so as I told my hairdresser about it, of course everyone was eavesdropping and it was fairly quiet as I spoke - I think that's a good sign.

I've kicked my morning caffeine habit, my afternoon caffeine and sugar habit, and can't remember the last time I had this few sweets in an entire week.

But speaking of something pretty sweet. This fabulous tangerine/orange (it's one of those hybrids I think) that my boxing gym boss and friend gave me last night. Oh my - it was from a new market in town with good produce, and oh how good it was! I ate it this afternoon, at work, and it tasted so good that I was drenched in orange juice by the end. I had it on the tip of my nose, all over my paperwork, and was so happy from devouring a simple orange! Now I know why my Dad would get an orange on Christmas morning in his stocking from Santa - something so simple and sweet, but out of reach for people living in poverty, is truly a gift!

Today I spend $4.40: oatmeal, banana, apple, spinach salad x2 with salsa, tomato, and black beans. At the salon I had 6 mini (tinier than mini) cookies with a cup of tea, + the other 2 cups of tea today. Plus the delectable orange!

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