Sunday, September 11, 2011

Veggies never tasted so good! Day 3 of 7

I woke up today craving veggies, so I made a big lunch. I must have ate too fast though because I was hungry all afternoon. I ate an apple and went for a run. Dinner was a warm bowl of ramen noodles, 1/8th ramen seasoning packet (to keep sodium lower), broccoli, bell pepper (I needed to use up/had before the challenge but charged myself for it), onion, zucchini, and carrots over brown rice. It tasted pretty plain, more of a vegetable broth type soup, but it was the first time that I almost couldn't finish a meal because I was full.

I responded to a call for some volunteer work that I do, so was busy most of the evening with that. When I got home I craved something sweet, and ate a mini-Snickers that I had picked up for free the other day, as well as the free Goldfish crackers. I am getting tired earlier in the evenings because I am not drinking caffeine or eating much sugar as normal, which is a good thing for my health!
I also ate a banana today, no coffee, and my total spent for day 3's food was $4.29

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