Friday, September 9, 2011

Pasta sauce for $1 + free jar! Food prices

A person really needs to know which stores have the best deals when shopping with a $4.72 per day budget. This is what I've found in local stores for this week, which may save some the time of going to different stores to find out who has the best prices. I realize that many discount grocers may offer better deals for some of these things, I did the best that I could shopping at 3 different stores in the last couple of days. It took a lot of time! But if you find a better deal on one of these items, please share! I've not listed everything that I've purchased and am eating for the week, but these are the main items!

Whole Wheat Pasta (whole wheat being a splurge for something a bit healthier)
Target (sale): $1.16
Trader Joes: $1.39 (3 oz. more)
Safeway (sale): $1.50

Pasta Sauce
Target (sale): $1 (I purchased 2 jars and received a $1 off coupon i.e. free jar at checkout!)
Trader Joes: $1.79 (3 oz more)
Safeway: $1.74

Bag of 7 Fuji apples
Trader Joes: $2.49

Peanut Butter
Trader Joes: $1.79
Safeway: $2.50

Strawberry Jam
Safeway: $1.99

Black beans (dry)
Safeway: $1.29

Baby lima beans (dry)
Safeway (sale) $0.79

Brown rice
Safeway: $1.79

Oatmeal (indiv. packs - large containers are a better deal but cost more for an individual and I couldn't afford to buy one with my $33.04 for the week)
Target: $2.34
Safeway: $2.50

Baby carrots
Trader Joes: $1.49

Onions (bag of 7)
Trader Joes: $1.69

Frozen broccoli
Trader Joes: $1.49
(other stores had smaller bags for less, but I didn't see much difference in pricing)

Frozen spinach
Safeway & Target: $1.09

Instant Coffee (individual packets becauseas an individual I didn't have enough in my budget for a larger jar, etc.)
Safeway: $0.99 (for 10)

Multigrain, high fiber bread (a splurge for something healthier)
Trader Joes: $2.59

Zucchini (4)
Trader Joes: $2.29

Spice blends at Safeway are $1.79 for Italian blend to $1.99 for other blends. I am using spices, sugar, and oil that I already have. Spices, sugar, and oil that I use in cooking this week cost me about $0.30 per day.

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