Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ongoing adjustments & a bedtime snack

I think a common newbie error is not knowing exactly what and how much of it to buy. I bought a 6 pack of ramen for emergencies, but will likely only use half of the pack. Same with jam and peanut butter, I likely won't go through all of it in one week. In other words, I'm breaking down my usage of such items such as 1/2 pack of rice, etc. I have been figuring out how many servings I can get from something, and breaking down the daily costs in that way. Today I figured that I'd buy a few more items, technically putting myself over by $3 for my weekly budget of $33.04, but with that I will have a lot of leftover (beans, rice, ramen, jam, PB, etc.) If I was on food stamps, I would be on food stamps for the month, not just a week, allowing a person to buy things that might last them 2 weeks, not just one, during a grocery shopping trip.

Tonight I bought almond milk, fresh spinach, salsa, seaweed snacks and a tomato.

I was feeling the day 4 slump, and I've had an "extra" serving (which was really a small half serving) of pasta and spinach tomato sauce in the fridge that I've already figured into days 1 & 2 costs. So I ate that and was feeling full, but then I was getting greedy knowing that I had bought the almond milk, and bananas, and had bought the frozen strawberries on day 0.

I love smoothies and had this strawberry, banana, almond milk smoothie for a bedtime snack. Yum-o!

$0.87 smoothie + previous day 4's costs = $3.51 for day 4

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  1. The smoothie is a great idea...I may have to borrow that! Congrats on doing the challenge - I'll be watching to see how it goes!
    Jeanne @JollyTomato